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My Story

Welcome to Relentlessly Positive Running!! My name is Heather Crawford, and I am an RRCA certified running coach! I previously worked for Red Coyote Running and Fitness from 2017-2021, known for being a Top 50 Running Store in the U.S. every year it has been open. Working in run specialty, I became an expert in video gait analysis, shoe fittings, customer service, along with taking over as the Training Program Coordinator in 2018 to which I trained around 2,000 people from 5k to full marathon group training programs as well as 1-on-1 clients. Running and Coaching is my passion and I love to help others find the joy in running and/or walking! I apply the 80/20 rule to training programs as well as interval training as an option. I have trained beginners, seasoned marathon veterans, active military members, police academy members, and just everyday people wanting to push themselves to achieve their goals. I believe anyone can achieve their goals; you just have to have the right approach to getting there. Whether you are a runner, walker, or a little bit of both, I can help you find a way to get those miles in and cross those finish lines!

A little bit about me…. I grew up as an active kid taking dance classes for 11 years, and then turning my passion into golf that led me through college (University of Oklahoma). I gained the freshman 30 and that eventually turned into 80 by my junior year. I had a one-of-a-kind coach help me get back in shape and I was running up to 11 miles at one point. After college, I played in a couple of professional events that summer but then realized I would not be able to afford the lifestyle of a struggling professional. I turned to Restaurant Management, and I stayed pretty inactive throughout my 20’s. In 2015, I decided to start my weight-loss journey and after losing 67lbs in 10 months I decided it was time to RUN! I was ready to check off some bucket list distances, and I ran my first half marathon at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in 2016, the FULL in 2017, since then I have completed 4 more full marathons, 2 Run My Age Ultras (34 miles), one 50 mile race, and I am currently training for the Chicago Marathon 2022 that I am running with the American Cancer Society. I am planning to get back into the Ultra distance as I love running my age for my birthday, but the ultimate goal is the 100-Mile race at Tunnel Hill where I completed my first 50-mile race in 2019. I recently moved to the Tulsa area from OKC, I live with my partner, we have 3 dogs and 2 kittens, I LOVE coffee, music festivals, and traveling! I am on my way to completing all 50 states in the next two years. 😊

My goal with coaching is that you get the most positive, supportive, and fun training possible. I love helping others find the joy in running/walking or maybe it becomes the therapy you need like it is for me. Getting outside, staying active, and staying healthy has been life changing for me and it can be for you too!